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There's never been a better time to build parallel performance into your apps and rev up multicore app power and efficiency. We know last year was busy for you, so we collected our top 10 guides, tips and tricks from 2010 in this special edition to help you stay on the cutting edge. Enjoy!

Top 10 Parallel Programming Downloads
1. Speed your mobile development and build powerful, compelling apps for netbooks, MIDs, and embedded devices powered by the Intel® Atom™ processor with this all-in-one tool suite, Intel® Application Software Development, which accelerates the entire cycle of coding, compiling, debugging, and analysis.
2. And don't forget about the Intel® Embedded Software Development toolkit, which helps device OEMs and OSVs design, tune, and optimize their system software.
3. In The Parallel Universe Magazine Issue #4, learn the newest technologies for mastering multicore using Intel® Parallel Studio 2011.
4. Extreme performance is the name of the game in Issue #5 of The Parallel Universe Magazine, which highlights new tools and tips for coding faster, more secure HPC apps.
5. Developing Multithreaded Apps Guides Part 1 includes 11 articles on threading and synchronization techniques such as measuring performance and mitigating synchronization impacts.
6. Part 2 of the same guide details memory management and programming tools and techniques to avoid heap contention, detect memory bandwidth saturation, and more.
7. Develop HPC enterprise apps faster and easier with advanced tool suites from Intel. Review this product brief to learn how: Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2011.
8. Want even more help developing faster and easier HPC enterprise apps? The Intel® Cluster Studio 2011 product brief will show you how.
9. In Structured Parallel Programming with Deterministic Patterns, Michael McCool explains how to simplify coding for multicore through parallel algorithms and deterministic patterns—principles at the core of Ct technology.
10. The all-in-one tool suite, Intel® Parallel Studio 2011, adds a powerful threading advisor and expanded threading libraries to its industry-leading C++ compiler, error-checking, and profiling tools. See the product brief and evaluation guides.
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